Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's my birthday tomorrow!!! I will be twenteen! My parents have threatened to get me a plant. What thuh???? A plant?! I have told them if they do so, I shall promptly throw said plant out the window and let it die a cold death in the garden. I will of course tell them that I appreciate the thought...but really, who wants a plant for their birthday? (I hope I have not offended any plant lovers out there; I *do* realise that some plants are of great pleasure/comfort and sources of loving friendships/relationships/bondings to their owners)

My brother 'Willy' (snigger, chuckle, giggle) on the otherhand has promised me great things! I look forward to receiving it/them/those...

In the meantime, it's Saturday so I must work. Or pretend to work. Or whatever you call it - sit around, get bored and get paid. Work?