Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In the airport, in the baggage hall, at the conveyor belt, why do people *insist* on throwing themselves on to their bag when it comes around, making a big fuss while trying to pull it off? And then why does everyone around him reach in and try and pull the pesky bag off too? Don't they realise that these things go around and around and around?? The bag comes back around people! It doesn't just give you one chance to collect your bag and that's it!

On a similar note, why is it necessary for children to stand right.up.close. at the baggage carousel? I've never seen a seven year old haul a bag off the belt. They are clearly just there to take up room, so that when your bag comes around you can't reach it. Good thing the bags come more then once. This gives you ample time to tut and tsk and give disapproving looks to child and child's guardians.

One year ago today I left the safe surroundings of ward 27a and came home, ready to begin a new and exciting life having had my lung transplant. My family prepared a pretty impressive banner and welcome home thing in my porch. People even drove slowly past my house to have a good old gawk ("Oh...I wonder who Rosie is....and where she was..."). It was the last time I ever spent a night in hospital. Excluding the times I went back for bronchoscopies of course. I mean last time I ever spent a night in hospital sick.... excluding that last time when I was sick after my bronchoscopy...but that was coincidence.

That day, I sat in a wheelchair (my Mum didn't feel I was quite ready to manage the airport on my feet) in Dublin Airport and avoided those crushing and unnecessary scenes at the bag collection point. I was wheeled out to the Arrival's hall by the porter. People looked at me in the wheelchair and then people didn't look at me in the wheelchair (didn't want to stare you see...). And then people looked puzzled when I stepped out of the wheelchair and bounced off all excited to start my new life. I swear I heard someone mutter 'Con artist....Fraud!'.... I think that may have been the porter...