Monday, August 06, 2007

I must firstly begin with an apology. G-Raze received a plant as a birthday (or Christmas?) present one year from her family. For me to sneer at and whine about plants the other day was unacceptable. I guess some people just like getting plants for gifts. (Sidenote: Rumour has it that plant is long dead)

I found my purse and money at last! I just need to begin packing now. It shouldn't be too difficult, and it would be impossible to make a worse job of it then my sister has done. She was the eager beaver this morning and got straight to work, which gave my Mum ample time to investigate what was put in to cause the suitcase to near burst. Apparently she was way over weight (with luggage ahem) and had the most impractical of clothing choices squished inside. As my mother always says "Pack it, then halve it". Of course by the time I've (started and )finished packing there won't be enough time to remove things. The key is to listen to mother's advice and then choose the best way to avoid it. Anyway, I for one won't be packing three hoodies with me!! Yes, apparently it didn't occur to some that it might be warm where we're headed.

Anyhoo, should I perchance pass an Internet cafĂ© whilst away, and should I perchance have €2 to spare, and should I perchance already have food in my hand so thus not needing the €2 for anymore, I *may* pop in and write how I am getting along. I will put in a Tuesday blog though tonight anyway.

In the meantime, keep smiling and I'll be back soon. Or as Chanelle in BigBrother said "This isn't goodbye *tearcrytearblubber*, it's.....seeya later!"