Sunday, August 05, 2007

The best news ever: I didn't get a PLANT!! *Exhales great sigh of relief*

As always, my family and friends were most generous to me; EILEEN even called me from San Diego!...Well Helen (who would be Eileen number 2) technically made the call... but still. EILEEN is sick and coughing and spluttering with germs - even when we're a thousand miles apart, that child tries to make me sick! Remind me to tell you about the time she landed me in hospital for six weeks after claiming 'There *cough* is *cough* nothing *splutter* wrong *spit* with ME *sneeeeze*'

I'd also like to thank everyone for texting and phoning and bebo-ing and commenting to wish me happy birthday. I did. It means a lot to me for people do that, even people I don't know all that well. So thank you.

I was a good deal fatter on my last birthday from the high doses of medications I was still taking (can someone say CHUBBY CHEEKS?!), so it's interesting to compare photographs. I also got a bigger cake this year, after my Mum realised that last year's cake was gone in a few minutes. It was the steroids that did it - I swear! *Looks nervously around*

Anyhoo, tomorrow I will begin packing for Spain and look for all my various things that have gone walk-about. Like, my purse and money. Whoops.

I shall then go and moan again at my brother for losing part of my tent. He borrowed my tent, claiming he knew how to assemble it, didn't need MY written instructions and then managed to bring only part of it home. Tsk. And to think I was planning on going camping never sometime never ever in the next someone shoot me if I mention camping twenty years my future...Tsk.