Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I've just finished packing, whilst my Dad glared and stared and watched as I did it. I'm serious, he stood at the door, annoyed because I hadn't done it earlier and he "wanted to put my case in the car because he wanted to go to bed". What's the point in going to bed, if you're just going to get up again anyway? Psh.

Anyhoo, I thought, since on the topic of packing, I would show you the contents of my handbag, which I emptied yesterday. Now normally a lady would never divulge the insides of her bag, but I think that mine is pretty impressive. I have often been told I'm like Mary Poppins, in that I seem to have a bottomless bag. I like my bag though, because I can throw anything into it and it fits. It gets tricky when I have to locate things quickly though. Anyway, here's a photo, taken yesterday, of everything that came out:

Pretty amazing. The most random object to surface can be seen in the bottom right hand corner. A blue ice pack(!!). Don't ask. There is some suncream to the left beside the Vaseline. There are two pens, a bracelet, money, English money, face moisturiser, insulin needles galore, a tablet holder, make-up galore, tagaderm plasters (don't ask), hair bobbins, tissues, as well as glasses, a camera (which you can't see for obvious reasons), a few forms of ID and an ipod.

Just in case you want more, here is a photo from another angle. I was trying to fill up my memory card you see, in case you think that I always photograph the contents of my bags....

From this angle, you can make out the bottom half of my hairbrush which is standing up. You can also see my dog Sandy, who is completely uninterested in my camera snapping.

I guess you can only imagine what weird and wonderful crap artifacts my suitcase must hold. AdiĆ³s mi amigos!