Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today I had to order a batch of gluten free bread for a Celiac customer.

I have two friends who have an allergy to eggs.

I know someone who has such a bad allergy to nuts, that even a trace of it in food can bring on a severe reaction which would require immediate treatment and the administration of an emergency injection.

What relevance has this I hear you ask?

Well, while I as a diabetic who requires an injection before most foods; a person with Cystic Fibrosis who requires up to eight tablets before I take anything with fat in it can empathise with the above three situations, I have, in my opinion, the longer end of the stick (is that a phrase?). I may have to spend several minutes gathering together all my paraphernalia before the art of eating begins but:

I have absolutely NO restrictions on what I eat. I don't have to stop and think about the contents of food, wondering if could they poison me; I don't have to gaze longingly at tasty food and go without; I don't need to call ahead to other's houses and make sure they don't cook something that could bring on an allergy; I don't need to inquire every.single.time. I visit a restaurant to make sure that the food is safe for me to eat.

I have NO restrictions; all I have to do is prepare my body for it.

Glass empty or glass full? I say full.