Sunday, July 15, 2007

In hindsight, I realise that I may have blocked, alienated and excluded yet another group of society from reading with my blog yesterday. I hope I did not offend those who are Celiacs, those with egg allergies and those with nut allergies. I can say with confidence people who fall into those groups would probably prefer to have that sort of problem then have mine so each to their own!

A forewarning: My blog has been rather abandoned as of late what with me away and the like. Unfortunately for la blog, it's going to happen again.

I am off sailing from Tuesday until Friday in the South of England. No, I cannot sail. And I shall probably only be sailing for one hour on the Wednesday anyway. And 'sailing' is such a strong word anyway....crew/spectator is probably more appropriate. But I shall still refer to it as a 'sailing trip' as it makes me sound really cool.