Thursday, July 12, 2007

I arrived in good time for my clinic yesterday morning (approx 7.45am) but I don't think anybody noticed me as the phlebotomist (blood taking lady) left without my blood! Maybe you're supposed to check in somewhere? Bleh. At about 8.30 a nurse called me in and took my blood (FIRST GO!) and we chatted about something.

I then went and saw Paula, the (other?) transplant nurse, who is always very sweet and nice and let me talk some more! I told her about my man sized dinner portions but lack of weight and she said that may be just the way I am. Hmmm.

I was the third bronchoscopy of the morning and went in, feeling nice and confident with myself. The team were as nice as ever, and the guy who does them (or does something in there) who I refer affectionately as Mr Tayto badgered me once again for some Tayto crisps. And just while I was feeling nice and calm.

Canula (drip needle thing in the vein) went in first go, but the spray, and gel and other crap gunk they put in my throat and nose was mank. The last thing I recall is saying 'Ooooh it's working now!' and seeing the nurse(??? really need to learn the professions of those people) repeating my words to the doctor.

This time though, they changed my fool proof cocktail (why??) and I reckon what they did was: give me sedation, anesthetic and 100% amnesia drugs. Anyway, apparently I was AWAKE and responsive and calm throughout - so much for sedation. But whatever it was they gave me made me so nauseated and ill afterwards. If anyone has seen the Harry Potter film, where he has quick flashbacks, that's pretty much what it felt like. Whack bam and done. I was done by Midday but slept all day until about 9 or 10pm. The nausea stayed with me much longer though. Huh. I also, unfortunately ran temperatures for the afternoon - not incredibly high ones, but high all the same and enough to make me miserable. Coupled with the nausea and ickiness made me feel awful. And here is the part where you crank up the volume of those violins for me!

Anyway, that is my last bronchoscopy EVER, unless for some reason my lung function drops or I take a turn and feel unwell. So yay for another milestone!!