Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We arrived into Newcastle at about midday yesterday and took the metro into town (or Grey's Monument which I guess is town...). We decided then, since we couldn't decide what to do, to go to the hospital and get our keys for our accommodation. I went up on to ward 27a (transplant ward) which as always was strange. We got to the flat and for the first time EVER discovered there was a kitchen and TV room there. Interesting.

I was walking around the grounds when a car suddenly stopped and a man jumped out. My first thoughts was that this was some sort of lunatic...who then started calling MY name! I hate when lunatics know my wouldn't believe how often that happens. Anyway, lunatic it was not, but rather one of my favourite, if not theee favourite doctors who looked after me. Of course, in the professional capacity of patient I can't and don't have favourites, but if I did, you can be sure he would be the one (let's not beat about the bush, this guy is my topdoc!)! We hugged and chatted and I met his gorgeous little girl. He then said it wasn't me he recognised but rather my Mum, because I look so well he didn't notice me! *gloat*. Anyway after a good ole chat and gabber I/he had to go. It was this doctor who prevented me from going back into ICU when I had the bad bit after my transplant. To say I have respect for him is a complete understatement.

Yesterday evening, me and Momma went out to dinner to a place called Scalini's. YUM!! We went there for my assessment back in 2005, so naturally had to take the 'after' photos.

I slept well in the flat (despite my Mum's constant Laugh Out Louding at her Bill Bryson book)and managed to get up early for my clinic this morning. But because this blog is getting so long I shall put 'today's' blog in Thursday. Uh huh.