Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anyone this side of the world, will have noticed the rivers that have been pouring out of the sky these last few weeks. November weather, not mid summer. Sunday was no exception. It didn't stop Justin Timberlake performing, nor did it stop a few thousand fans turning up. He didn't manage to sell out though which is surprising. He had to get 50cent to cancel his gig in town and join him, just to get all the 50cent ticket holders to come to HIS concert. Still, it was brilliant.

We had standing tickets, and although the gates opened at 5pm, we decided not to bother rushing. We clearly were not the only ones as we were really up close. I would estimate about 5-7 people from the front. So, pretty close. While we waited, a fan of this blog came up and asked me for my autograph. I'm joking, I spotted Shell (a regular visitor to the guestbook) and ran over like a lunatic and she did likewise. Luckily we stopped in time though because that could have been one nasty crash. Anyway, hellos and goodbyes done, we made our way back to the stage.

50cent opened up and told us all how 'you didn't think I was gona be hur, did y'all? It was a surprise wasn't it? You guys are all surprised aren't y'all?'....Em actually no Fiddy. It was on the news on Friday, but never mind. He got the crowd warmed up because he 'Told ma fren Justeen that I'd warm y'all up... Ole..Ole, ole, ole...'. He didn't *quite* get the melody right (obviuosly someone just told him to get the words right and we'd take it from there) but that was okay because we all took over and sang it over and over again. For anyone who doesn't know the 'Ole' song, it began at the World Cup 1990 as the Irish chant for Italia '90. We sing it everywhere we go. That and 'The Fields of Athenry'.

We were then all instructed to put our middle fingers up in the air and scream obscenities. Or one obscenity over and over again. That was funny. Of course being the nice young lady that I am, I blocked my ears, shut my eyes and had no partaking in such rude antics. Ahem.

"Fiddy" then threw his hat and jacket out. In OUR direction. But too far over to the right, and too far away. But we were *this* close. My mission is to do two hours of arm lengthening stretches a day for my next concert. I'd love some memorabilia like that. Of course I could just go find someone with connections and butter them up, but that would take too long. I could do my arm lengthening stretches while watching Home&Away.

Timberland then came on and busted a few beats which were swell. We wanted JT though. And JT came. I can't even remember what he opened up with but it was excellent. And he was really sweet, because every so often he would fit 'Dublin' into his songs. 'Ain't nobody love you like I love you - Dublin! You're a good girl and that is why I love you - Dublin!'. He then said how Eyer-laaaand was the best crowd ever. I swear he doesn't say that to all his crowds honest. His dancing was amazing as was his talent. He could play the piano, guitar AND sing.

Anyway, the rain stayed away nicely, only coming down once or twice. Thankfully I had my rain-mac-hat. Unfortunately I did *not* have my camera. D'oh! I took the battery out to charge it and then I forgot the pesky thing. But memories are more important. Never mind, as at times like this, I am reminded of William Wordsworth in his poem, Daffodils when he says:

(Never mind)For oft(en), when on my couch I lie (often!!)
In vacant or in pensive mood (bored),
They flash upon that inward eye (I remember it)
Which is the bliss of solitude (which makes me happy);
And then my heart with pleasure fills (which makes me even more happy),
And dances with the daffodils. (I remember the Justin Timberlake concert).

See photos may and will last a lifetime, and in old age my memory may fade, but at least I'll always have the....oh wait....what a stupid poem!!