Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am a complete idiot. 'May' breaks??? MAY?! I only clocked the fact NOW that we're in June. Well anyway, my parents went off to Helsinki today (did I mention that's NOT in Sweden?) and we're here by our merry selves until Sunday. P to the Y, parté!! Ahem.

I got up nice and early for a change and waved my Mum off. I had great plans for the day to go shopping and do all sorts of interesting things, but then it wouldn't stop raining! And its the kind of rain that even if you wore a rain coat, umbrella, umbrella hat, waterproof trousers and socks, the rain would somehow still blow in and you'd be like a drowned cat. I don't DO the drowned cat look.

I'll be babysitting later and it was the two year old's (now three years old) birthday recently. She's - you guessed it - three now(!) and I couldn't even get out to find her a nice little present. Or a card.

I drove my sister around the place in my car today and learned that the majority of drivers seem to know NOTHING about yellow boxes. The minority of drivers who DO know about yellow boxes seem to give me this sly look as though they are telling me 'Ah go on, I'm going to stop....sure just pop in there....yes that's right, YOU..pull in in front'..and as I get ready to 'go' they just change their mind! They just slowly pull into the yellow box, with me. RIGHT. THERE!! Glaring at them and occasionally throwing my hands up in a terribly dramatic fashion. And then what do they do? They just stare right ahead and sometimes squint their eyes as though they are oblivious to me looking at them. They pretend to be really focused on something ahead, but I can see. I can see their twitching. I can see their uncomfortable-ness; their shame and embarrassment. Argggg!!

Anyway, driving is improving, and I have toned down my 'weeeeeeeeeeees' when going over speed ramps.