Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well, for some bizarre reason my blog has gone into double Dutch, or some other similarly confusing language. I was told to 'Almenden', to sign in. How funny. I actually had a good chuckle at this because I am just that immature about things sometimes.

It's late, it's foggy and my parents are off on holidays tomorrow to Helsinki (which isn't in Sweden as I thought) in Finland. They go away on a 'May' trip most Mays. Last year, my Mum didn't go to Malta because she was afraid I would get my call, despite my insistence and complaining and promising that I wouldn't get my call and she could go and enjoy her holiday. She didn't go. I didn't get called. But according to my dad he would 'never go there again' so it worked out for the best.

The two Mays previous to that, they went to South Africa (05) and Thailand (04). Both those two times I went into hospital a day or so before they left as the hospital wouldn't let me do home IVs on my own and I simply couldn't last the two weeks without some sort of treatment.

AND for some more BORING information (you should really go click that red 'x' up there now now), the time they went to South Africa was the time where I took my rather serious, puzzle the doctors, drop down to less then 6stone turn for the worse. I also did my Leaving Cert (A-levels) in hospital and was filmed for the RTÉ1 documentary 'Our Lady's' (which was about the hospital). I never watched it since, as I dread to see how thin and sick I must look but I have it on video so I may watch it yet.

Other then that, no more news. Update on the 'tres amigos' Eileen, Helen and Jenny:
They have now gone to LasVegas to NOT gamble (too risky) but to have a good time. They have accommodation (for two) with a pool and all standard SanDiego things. I'm frustrated and overly jealous but as well as that, I'm happy for them. And excited.

And FINALLY; stupidly I encouraged you all to go visit Jac and then didn't leave an address for you to bother her at! Just click here!! And enjoy but then come back and promise never to return even though you WILL secretly return but won't tell me so as not to hurt my feelings.

Is it bad that I didn't check with Jac before broadcasting about her first?? Hmmmm