Monday, June 25, 2007

From rereading yesterday's blog I have come to one conclusion. Seals probably don't have hands to clap with. Interesting.

My sister has gone off to Spanish college for the next three weeks. This means there will be more crisps to eat in the house. Before she left, I asked her whether she was taking OUR GHD (amazing hair straightener) with her. She reassured me that no, her friend was bringing one so I could use OURS for the next three weeks. "Fantastic," I said, "That's great".

Five minutes into GHD-ing my hair this evening, I discovered she had broken the thing by dropping it.

I told my Mum I suspected her of breaking it, although I couldn't be sure as I hadn't seen her do it. My Mum said she already knew because she saw [my sister] drop it. Did *nobody* think to mention this to me??? Obviously NOT!

I love an open and honest environment. Where's a clapping seal when you need one?