Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I skipped along to the Diabetes clinic today. I think I arrived late. About 24hours too late, but they saw me anyway. For more information, see my REDBOOK-MEDBOOK blog.

Upon looking in the mirror today I have decided that I really, really need to get my hair cut. I don't know why I always try to convince myself that *this* is going to be the time when I grow it long. It never suits me!! Guh. It's too dry to go to the hairdressers though, as they'll just send it into knots. And then they'll whine and complain that I should be doing this for it, and using that on it and "OMG do you KNOW how bad doing THAT is for your hair???". I'll probably have to sit through renditions of 'Wow your hair is so thick!" and "HOW do you manage to brush it??". Maybe this time I'll opt for the shaved look.

The reason my hair is so unbelievably dry is because I am still on my acne treatment, Roaccutane. It is a miracle drug, but I seem to have had a small relapse. I blame the sun. All was going swell until that heat wave a few weeks ago, when I literally burned in patches. And now those burns have turned into scar things. And now those scars look like spots, but I swear they're not!! Anyway, since there is *no* oil production anywhere, my hair does not get greasy. If I wanted, I would only wash my hair every 10 days or so. It sounds disgusting, but it's simply not greasy. I reassure you though, that I *do* wash my hair more then once every 10 days! (Ahem9daysHemHem)

My three months are up, but due to those pesky burns, I suspect three more months are on the cards. Bleh.

I'm off to work tomorrow and will work until Saturday. I will obviously get to come home to sleep though, as the notion of working straight, non stop until Saturday is a bit preposterous. In fact, the word 'working' is a bit preposterous in itself. Who am I kidding. I don't work. I sit and get bored most of the day and then get paid. It's a tough life really, I ain't going to lie.