Sunday, June 24, 2007

*claps hands like seal*

Thank you all for your 'hellos'!! It would appear most of you are private little so and sos aren't you! How intriguing... To those who left email addresses, I promise to try and get back to you during the week. Included in that is the person I bumped into in 'House of Fraser about two years ago... I hope you know who you are? Well I guess if you don't, then you will when an email pops into your inbox soon! But seriously, thank you all! I will now put you all nice people on the nice people list which I haven't yet created and probably won't anytime soon (due to my sheer disorganisation) but if I ever do, be assured you *will* be on it!

I'm going to get you all to come back (and some more of you hiders) and say hello again next month. You've put me on a high so it should last me a while before I need my next fix. My injection of approval to ease my insecurities about myself if you will. Insecurities such as:

  1. Having hair that makes me look like I stepped out of the eighties
  2. Having hair that looks like I have just stuck my finger into a socket and left it there
  3. Having hair that has one (or two?) slides lost in it
  4. Having hair that I *know* people are staring at and counting their blessings
  5. Having hair that I have broken two (not one, TWO) hair brushes with
  6. Having hair that I brush everyday, but it just makes it static
  7. Having static hair

Is it just me, or is there a recurring theme here? Look closely now... the hints are there.... think about it...