Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well would you look at that? How quickly it can change, but how quickly it can change back! My temperature settled last night and has stayed down since. I woke up very much refreshed and more importantly, ACHE FREE! I am still a little bit tired, but the feelings of relief trump that. Symptoms of being sick, for me anyway, always plant that seed of doubt in my mind, that it could be more then just a common cold-ie, rejection- Which is a little silly because rejection (acute) is something that can be treated successfully and pretty easily, so it's not something to have a heart attack over. It's pretty much one of those subconscious thoughts, and not one I entertain much, however too much time (stuck at home, not up to doing anything) on your hands, is too much time that could be better occupied NOT thinking!

I stumbled across something in my house today, and I was quite shocked that such an item lay under my nose without me noticing it before. Something with the potential for jokes (cheesy ones- right up my alley!) such as this and I missed it. Let me set the scene (and such a dilemma has come up between myself and my friends HUNDREDS of times, let me tell you!).

You are sitting with a group of acquaintances in your house. You all begin to get a bit hungry, and so the question comes up. Should you offer your acquaintances some sandwiches OR should you cook up and offer them pizza. And if you have ever been in MY house with ME as your entertainer, you know how realistic this very setting is! Oh boy, how many times I have asked myself this very question, while my hungry guests lay starving as I stress in the kitchen.

WELL! Look no further. Because if you can't decide between and sandwich and a pizza, why not try:

The "Piz 'wich"!!!

I thought I would laugh so much, something would come out the other end! Which really isn't a good look if you're standing in the kitchen alone, with just the dog for company. My neighbours must have thought that dog would make quite the comedy act....Or that I'm really a big weirdo after all.

Anyway, what next, a Ban-Apple??!! (Gotta love my efforts!)

Tomorrow I will be back on my politics horse, discussing Eamon Ryan and Seamus Brennan, and any other leaflet/pamphlets I receive. Not wanting to give away my location here or anything...