Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How quickly it can all change...Well in hindsight (from re-reading my blogs, see their usefulness!), this hasn't really come on suddenly.

For the last few days, I have been sleeping in until noon-lunch. I know I love my bed, and am known to be rather lazy, but I don't ever really sleep this late. Ever(Unless partying has featured majorly the night before!)! Last Tuesday, I pretty much had a sleeping marathon, followed by a sleepless night and late next morning.

This morning (afternoon?) I woke with aches - everywhere. When I took a deep breath it hurt, and my neck was screaming for some sort of brace to keep it from hurting! Even my skin was sensitive to touch. I had been planning to go to the office yesterday, and then today, and although no sniffles were present, and I SOUND fine, I just didn't feel like doing anything or going anywhere, be it go shopping or even watch TV- it's a strange feeling to describe.

So after all this I took out the thermometer - which thankfully since my transplant, has never had much use. Queue nice warm temperature! After transplant, this holds much more significance, as it acts as a major indicator for infection and rejection. Queue worriedness!

I'm pretty sure I'm fine though, and these peculiar symptoms are nothing more then the latest thing 'going around'. I took two paracetamol and they seem to be working somewhat this evening which is definitely a good sign.

Anyway I shall gladly welcome tomorrow when I am sure I shall feel the world better!

Regarding the comp: I need to go and find that pesky plate because the different answers have me doubting my own answer! I'll let you know tomorrow.