Friday, May 18, 2007

Today a man arrived to fix my laptop this morning. Now there's a story worth telling. But I won't.

I felt a good deal better again today and went into work for the afternoon.

Tomorrow I work in the pharmacy.

We will then entertain my cousin and her husband who now live in NewYork, and whom I haven't seen in about ten years.

I say 'we' will entertain but really I mean my parents. I will just help to eat the food and drink the wine, and basically put my feet up and act like a guest too. Keep in mind I will be working tomorrow. I think I deserve it; 9-5, one day a week is HARSH!

Comp winner: Shell and MissT - Congrats! And hard luck to those who tried and failed. That'll teach you never to try! Unfortunately there can only be ONE winner/prize though, so you'll have to fight amongst yourselves for the prize!