Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am someone who is so incredibly organised and I like to have everything I need for the day in my handbag setting off to work. This 'everything' includes everything from my phone, i-pod, diary to my medications, insulin and needles. As such, trying to put together such a complicated survival pack for the day can take time, and since I'm one busy woman, I have NO time to do this stuff. And as such, had I not driven to work today I would have been late, So I nabbed the keys and zoomed (at the correct speed limit) to work!

When I left the house everyone else was asleep which meant I got to skip the 'irresponisble to drive alone' statement that repeats itself from my Dad's mouth every now and again.

When I arrived at work I had to park at the back as there were no spaces out front. 'At the back' is in an estate of houses behind the pharmacy.

And do you know what? A man who supposdly has a life, has plenty of things to be doing with his time, plenty of hobbies to enjoy came and checked up on me! And went and found my car and where I had parked it!! (This could be construde as making sure I arrived safely, but we all know it was to check had I been able to park it well). You meet all sorts of FREAKS these days!!

We had, what can only be described as a wonderful evening with my cousin and her husband then. The food was so nice, and it was great to meet them and chat. After dinner and a fountain of drink we 'attempted' a sing song (which for anyone who knows us knows it is a regular nightly feature at our house....*ahem*...). I say 'attempted' referring to the Fitz's as our guests were great in their playing/singing/performing. The song we all mangaed to try and sing was 'My lovely horse' from Father Ted. That and Titanic (yes, I am STILL rolling that dead horse out ten years on!)

I drove into town to drop them back afterwards which was an experience to say the least. A whole load of drunks sprawling all over the road/path means you have to have your eyes open all the time. But as usual, I passed that task with flying colours...