Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some smart wise cracker remarked that someday I would regret the amount of food I consume daily (which admittedly is quite a lot, and of that lot, quite a lot isn't the most nutritious). It would seem that for once, that smart wise cracker would be right. I am not requiring someone to roll me into work just yet or anything, but today I experienced my first brush with food poisoning. Bleugh!! At least that's what I'm guessing it is. Bleugh!! Had I not been so enthusiastic (as I am everyday) at lunchtime, I wouldn't have purchased that tasty looking chicken wrap thing. It wasn't made in front of me, but rather a pre-packaged yoke - Bleugh!! Not good!

Apart from the complete lack of sleep tonight (I'm writing this on Wednesday so pretending it's Tuesday, so I am referring to Tuesday night - KEEP UP!) and being up every hour until 7am when I then slept fine (how typical!) I feel better now.

Did I mention - BLEUGH!!