Monday, May 21, 2007

This week I am working 9-5 in the office until Wednesday when I will retire *cry*. I'll miss those krazy kats in that place!

Funnily enough, the sort of work (and pace/pressure of) is exactly the kind of work I was initially brought in to do back at Christmas. Unfortunately the system I am using in work to do my work is rather complicated which means there is absolutely no fast way of gettin the job done. I may leave a happy woman knowing I will never have to copy and paste again for a long time!

Today at lunch I learned of a story about a poor unfortunate child.

PICTURE THIS: This child was placed in a microwave by her Dad (and I presume he shut the door and turned it on) Now the child survived and is doing well. It's appalling, but let me ask you this:

Was your first thought "Oh my, that's dreadful!!" or was it (be honest) "How is it even possible to fit a child into a microwave (unless its a industrial thing)???

Think about that.