Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Half way through the week already! From a work point of view, this pleases me greatly, but how scary is it how time is flying by?!

I just realised that the Mini-Marathon which I am to participate in is in less then two weeks. Now the prospect of me attempting to do THAT is scary. I figure I'll find some wheelchair bound person and ask if their pusher wants help pushing for a while. That way I won't be allowed to(forced to, pressured to) go too fast, as I can't have the person in the wheelchair getting windswept hair. Whenever I was in a wheelchair, I would enjoy taking the sights in while being chauffeured around, so I will have to take this into consideration when performing my duties. There would always be the danger however that I would get frustrated if this plan didn't work and would simply let go of the wheelchair and run off. I suppose though trying to run away from that carnage would be motivation enough...

In the case that I can't pawn off my terrible slowness when it comes to walking on to some poor unfortunate wheelchair person, I will have to come up with a plan B. This would have incorporated some sort of Rollerblades/skates idea, except that they're considered contraban, and there's always one who will rat you out!

I could always say to my group 'Oh hey guys, I'm gona run up ahead if that's ok' and then catch a bus/taxi - and while morally I would absolutely no qualms whatsoever with this idea, the fear of getting caught would be in the back of my head. And I can guarantee some old biddy on the bus would take it as her duty to report me - again, always one!

Plan C, would involve not actually starting at the start line, but rather hide out behind a tree half way up the course and then join in. Again, a very good method, except knowing my luck, I would still end up not being able to keep up, and would have to resort to Plan A- the wheelchair method.

And the only other option left, which I feel is probably the most secure from all angles, is to simply not run at all. This would work, as it would mean there would be no chance of me being late for the race, I wouldn't have to run (just fake some 'oh I'm wrecked!' breathlessness) and I would still get my medal. I would take the bus over to the finish line, buy myself an ice cream and simply wait. When a huge gang of finishers comes in, I simply join them.

Cheating? I think not. I like to think of it as 'thinking outside the box!'.

Congrats to my sister who was ordained (?) a prefect today. A better one you would probably not find. Except for me. But I was too cool for all that stuff...