Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Day 14/182 of Roaccatane 'miracle acne drug' tablets

One thinks that one may have slightly TOO much sleep yesterday - so much for only sleeping when you need it! I went to bed at the very modest hour of 1am and could not for the LIFE of me enter the land of nod. I tossed and turned, I rearranged my four pillows several times into little mountains that resembled an arm-chair, a slope, an inverted slope, I took some away and added some more and nothing. Zilch. Zero. I ended up watching TV (Beeb's Panorama with the Sign Lady who only comes out in the dead of night) and then tried reading my book. Still nout. Until 7am. Then I finally fell to sleep. Consequently I slept most of the morning, but that's OK. I can live with that.

I got up at around midday and fed myself my latest obsession which is a homemade salad with boiled potatoes, lettuce and chicken, topped with ketchup, salt and garlic salt like shaky stuff. Oh and butter! I've been adding butter to absolutely EVERYTHING I eat these days in attempt to keep on my weight. I was originally on those big gain weight milkshakes, but they're supposed to be 'supplements' not 'replacements for meals' which is what they were becoming.I seem to be surviving without so I'll continue to go this way me thinks.

I then went shopping and got my brand new spanking fancy pretty cross trainers which will make me look really professional when I turn up for the Mini-Marathon next month. Growing up, because I was always so skinny people used to think I was mega fit. Of course, I didn't exactly deter them from this theory, and when I saw people looking at me as though I could be the next athlete I would do some (probably useless) stretches to add fuel to their fire of thought. I do/did things like that.

Anyway apart from little bits and pieces I didn't do much shopping. My sister is supposed to be shopping regularly so I can pinch stuff from her as we're pretty similar in size. In fact, I think it rather selfish that she hasn't been shopping in a while, like what am I supposed to wear here?! My old stuff?? She blames things like 'no money' and 'Rosie, I'm busy in school' as though they be worthy excuses. Doesn't she realise that I actually work part-time every now and again and that I NEED clothes?! *Rolly Eyes*