Thursday, May 10, 2007

The general election is looming (May 24th?) and this is my first opportunity to vote. So far:

I could build a house with all the fliers I have been sent from all the politicians.

They all care for MY needs. Funnily they also care for my family's needs in an identical way.

TWO canvassers have come a knocking at my door and done the worst thing imaginable. So bad that they have lost my vote. Had they threatened me for their vote I wouldn't have minded as much.

They asked TO. TALK. TO. SOMEONE. IN. THE. HOUSE. WHO. CAN. VOTE. With me, standing, right, there. They asked ME, a VOTER.

No. Don't do that. BAD move.

If I had had a frying pan in my hand (despite the fact that I never cook or use a frying pan) I would have probably swung at their heads to make that really loud clanging noise. And then to see their eyes cross and shake, that would have made me feel better.

I also received a flier from Liz O'Donnell (Progressive Democrat) who says "When I am re-elected...". Don't be so presumptuous please. That's another no-no. And as for 'Working hard to deliver for me' I have never met the woman in my life and as someone who has a keen interest/want to improving many areas that affect me she SHOULD come and listen to me. Maybe she heard she could be here all day... Anyway I would like to actually see evidence of work she has done.

Anyway politics rant over. Oh except apart from all that, the other thing I can't stand are people who complain and do nothing constructive about it! (Gets shield to protect oneself from bullets) People who just go along with media propaganda annoy me. People who do no research to form opinions of their own, but rather come out with statements like (for example) 'Oh Mary Harney, she's useless'. If these people actually studied the work she has done, instead of just ranting and moaning like journalists in tabloids do, then they may have basis for their opinions, but come on, we all know they didn't.

NOW, rant over. Had to get that off my chest.

Oh one really LAST point: Someone who reads this blog (we won't mention your/her name) refuses to vote this year!! To that person, please click HERE. I think this site is aimed at YOU! Melon, I hope you won't be conjuggled (is that a word?) into joining her!! TUT.