Friday, May 11, 2007

An hour in pictures

I said recently how my latest obsession is a potato salad thing with chicken and ketchup and garlic salt like shaky stuff. Anyway, I fixed my camera today so had to adjust the settings, thus took a pile of photos. A pile. Like a mountain pile. Here is my cooking hour in photos.

  • Step 1. Pick your potatoes. I like to go for 'New Season' and ones that are 'Super Value'.(OK I lie, these were the ones I found when I went rooting about the kitchen. I don't really know the difference between potatoes)

  • Step 2: Put the potatoes in an old fashioned pot (they taste so much better ) and put that old fashioned famine style pot on the really modern (I swear) and nice looking hob. Pour boiling water into the old fashioned famine style pot and boil. (We really honestly do have lovely stainless steel pots, but I was experimenting and didn't want to do so in a NICE pot OK?)

Step 3. You go off and watch Neighbours and forget completely about the potatoes and then remember and run back in a little late. (No photo for that one)

Step 4. Attack any living in thing present in room and demand they tell you why they didn't alert you to potatoes.

Step 5. Find only dog for step 4. Note dog's expression. Remember that the dog, quite frankly, does not care.

Step 6: Put the lettuce and potatoes on a plate with butter, ketchup, salt and that garlic shaky thing that's like salt and eat! (Make sure there is chicken in house BEFORE you begin cooking.)

Step 7: Work some what on the presentation. DON'T put ketchup in the middle. NOT practical

Oh and here is that garlic shaky salt like thing I used. I don't know what you call it: