Saturday, May 12, 2007

Although sales of Heat/Closer/Now/New/Reveal/More/Star/AnyOtherTrashyMagazine have fallen considerably since I stopped going into hospital I would still be fairly up to date of Celebrity gossip and who's dating who (at hour of publishing this blog).

Last night my eyes were opened to the, what I consider to be astonishing impact/effects that the media has on peoples' minds. I slave away to look after some girls every so often (I babysit) and last night was one of those times. One of the girls was busy acting out a skit type thing that she had to prepare for school. I was her Editor and Typist/Scribe, her Advisor and Director...and pretty much every other role she was 'too busy' to fulfil. Anyway, we were there and this young girl was acting it all out and I would type it out for her. I had to pull her up on a few things like 'You can't say 'Shut Up' as some teachers may disapprove' and yadda yadda. And then came to the part where she acted out a well known famous girl band. A girl band that are rather Loud. And they are Allowed to be Loud. These girls are allowed. (Geddit??). She then said:

"Hiiiiiiiii!!! I'm X and I love my alcohol!'. This girl is YOUNG. And she came out with that. Now this band member does have a reputation of a party girl but still.

I told her we were NOT putting that in the script. Think of something else. She then said:

"Hiiiiiiiii!!! I'm X and I am suuuuper sexy skinny" (Does a little wiggle). HELLLO!!! I firmly told her we were not putting that in the script either. Or that wiggle for that matter!

She darted me a look that said 'You are SOOO uncool. And old." Clearly I am way out of touch, way too old and way too uncool.

She did tell me that I was a fast typist though. I'm uncool, old and a fast typist. Great.

Anyway, point of ramble: None. Just a ramble. About how children are growing up way too fast these days, or how they are being exposed to way too much these days. What ever happened to listening to the wireless and doing an impromptu traditional Irish jig around the room for entertainment?