Sunday, May 13, 2007

I like potatoes. A lot. With butter. A lot.

My mum seems to have taken note of my heroin like addiction to potatoes lately. I seem to go through phases of loving certain foods, but I think there is a reason behind my irrational need. You must understand (and many of my family/friends will vouch for me on this) that prior to transplant, I did not eat. Not at all. Ever. EVER. ....OK maybe sometimes, but that was it. Sweets was pretty much what I could tolerate, but chocolate wasn't included in that. Or bread, or sandwiches, or biscuits or anything. NOTHING. I had a mouth and I used it for talking, not for eating. I had no appetite for eating, and had absolutely no interest in it. Just like some people miss the opening episode of a new TV drama and then don't bother trying to catch up, I never developed an appetite, and thus stopped trying to get one. I was on feeds and they were my safety net. They saved my life really, as I would have become so thin without them, the danger was I could have just slipped down a drain one day. *GONE* At the same time though, they gave me that protection, that ability to be lazy and stubborn about eating.

From time to time however, new foods would catch my eye, or take my fancy. I would think 'oh now I LIKE that!' Before that thought had even processed through my mind though, we would have stocked up on a year's supply of said new novelty. The cupboards would burst at the hinges as we stuffed as many value packs of whatever this food was in. The logic was that if I discovered something which would help me put on weight (without a fuss as I was enjoying it) we would take full advantage of it.

Nine times out of ten the obsession would be gone by the end of the month. The unwanted goods were shared between my siblings (much to their delight) and that would be it, until the next random bus of random food came by.

Now I have an appetite. I ENJOY food and I, most of the time, don't feel the burning pressure to eat. Eat fast. Eat faster. GET THOSE CALORIES IN! Old habits are hard to break though, and even now, when I see a new food or develop a taste for new foods (see previous blogs re: MacDonald's, EddieRockets, TGI's, Beans on Toast) I tend to keep eating it as I need to maximise this new calorie opportunity.

Just a way to explain my food likes anyway!

And for a bonus point: Who can tell me what Disney character is hidden below the melting butter on my plate? (Notice the addition of butter to gain weight?!) Answers in Guestbook by Tuesday! Winner shall be announced then!

OH AND I like to get around to thanking my guestbookers every once in a while. So thanks to the following people: Babs, Mike, Pinkfink, Eil (can't remember if you actually did but I'll presume you did) Harry, Shell and Shar. And 'anon' - there's always one. If anyone spots Charlie in there let me know! She owes me a visit!