Monday, May 14, 2007

Somebody (somewhat anonymously although not quite) left me an interesting private message in my guestbook. Either this person has not been reading my blog very long, and thus not used to my constant tongue in cheek remarks about life, or else took me up incorrectly. That happens to me a lot.

The reason I bring this up, is because I feel is it a good opportunity to raise some positive debate about politics. This person seemed (if I read it correctly) to think that I don't care about politics or who is in government which could NOT be further from the truth! Either this person felt that, or disagreed with my statement which could have been perceived as support for the current health minister (note: that was an example). I'm not sure. My point in my recent 'rant about people who sit on their bums and complain about politicians when they clearly haven't researched who they are talking about and simply add chorus to the media orchestra' blog was exactly that; there are people out there who just sit and complain. It is not just when it comes to politics either, it is simply their way of life. It's what they do.

Anyway, why am I responding publicly to this comment? Because this person left no email address for me to reply to. Pity.

And before I read that comment, I was JUST about to blog about how another canvasser came to my door and nearly guessed that I was old enough to vote! I rolled my eyes when he asked to speak to the 'voters of the house', but he redeemed himself as he was about to leave, with a friendly "You're not able to vote yet, are you?" (See he probably wasn't sure, which is better then presuming not!). I smiled politely and said I was. It was raining, it was miserable and he was oldish. I wasn't going to give this guy a hard time about thinking I was 14.

Comp closes tomorrow and I need to check if the two answers already in are correct. I assumed not, but now I'm not so sure...