Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I got up late and went back to bed. I slept. I think I needed my sleep otherwise I wouldn't have spent so much time sleeping. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel much brighter!

Yeah, that's pretty much all that happened today. I could of course tell you about when I bashed my knee (off what I can't remember) and now there is one massive bruise coming up. It's not one of those brown/yellow bruises though, it's like red! I guess when you have less white blood cells then normal that can happen. Quite the shiner it must be said!

I happened to notice that up the North, they have entered power sharing, with Ian Paisley as the president guy and Martin McGuiness as the deputy guy. At long last is all I can say. I wonder will Sky News stop calling Derry 'Londonderry' though?