Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank Holiday Monday. Nothing really ever happens on a Bank Holiday Monday. Everywhere is closed and everywhere that's not closed is packed. Jam packed. So there really is nothing to do but sit and twiddle one's thumbs and listen to the eery grandfather clock tick. And tock. And tick some more.

I went out driving today as I needed to fill up on petrol. Delilah told me she could only go a further thirty-something miles until she would refuse to go any further. I obliged until my Dad told me I shuold fill up with €30.00 worth. What a jip. I don't think I'll be as enthusiastic to go out and practise so much anymore. I was a bit take aback that I needed €30.00, but HE said there's no point in putting less. If anyone thinks this doesn't sound right, please let me know!

A whole lot of something happened today which made the day enjoyable. To write it out however would mean typing, and as you can probably tell I am already backtracking my blogs so that would take work. I hate work. Well I don't hate work, slight exaggeration, but boy am I lazy.