Sunday, May 27, 2007

Isn't it nice when people are nice. When people take time to contact you AND say something lovely, it's just so heart warming. *tear*. To the person who privately contacted me, thank you. I do indeed remember you from Dundrum(!) and I'll email you tonight or soon. If I'm organised. But thank you.

There was another comment left in my guestbook, which you should all go and read. It's from someone by the name of Amy. And Amy informed me of something even *I* didn't realise was possible about transplant, and I'm someone who should know everything! I hope she doesn't mind me talking about it. All I can say to her is thank you as well. As most of you know, I had a transplant (Did I ever mention that I had a transplant?!?) and went through that wait. My family experienced times where we all wondered would it ever come, but thanks to the generosity of someone like Amy's family I was saved. It is the kindest, most selfless thing a family can do. Ever.

In times of grief at the loss of a family member, the pain can be overbearing at times. Even when it's expected, it doesn't take away the pain-in-the-tummy, lump-in-the-throat sadness. So at a time like that, to stop and consider having your loved one become a donor is just amazing.

Amy's grandmother who passed away recently was 91 years old and she was able to donate her liver. Ninety-ONE!! That's like double a 45year old. That's just eye-popping. I just presumed (whoops) over sixty something, that would be it. But no. And thanks to her, another family right now are noticing the 180 turnaround in the health of their loved one.

I guide you all to the guestbook to read that comment.

Thank you.