Monday, May 28, 2007

I did a day's work in the pharmacy today, just to fill in for somebody. It was the same, usual, quiet kind of day. The time passed a bit faster then usual I felt as I took two meals in the day (one at 12pm and one at 3pm) so it wasn't so bad.

I cleaned and dusted the shelves and tidied them up a bit. Our pharmacy is extremely small; you could probably walk from one end to the other in three big steps. Yes, it's that small. And no, I don't have gigantic feet.

After doing what I considered to be a good (satisfactory at least) job at shelf rearranging, I began to have second thoughts.

We have security cameras in the back which allow you to view the front of shop, have a nosey at what people are looking at, have a gawk at them to see if you know them (and possibly avoid them if you are feeling tired) and generally just stare at. A lady came in this morning with a little toddler who she placed on the floor as she came up to the counter. The little girl had a nosey around the shop and then stopped and started playing with something. It looked like colourful building blocks on a camera, so I figured they were hers. It didn't occur to me that I never saw the little girl carry the blocks into the shop. It was when the mother was leaving and I heard her laugh out loud, telling daughter to "put them back, I don't need them!!".

Ahhhhhhh. Of course.

Nice purple and green soft padded square building blocks...for ladies....once a month.

Why were they at a child's reach? I noted to myself to move them around.

I am incredibly disorganised and was reminded this afternoon when aforementioned incident repeated itself. This time with a son. Oops, wasn't I supposed to rearrange that shelf?

Hmm, anyway Lost finale was on again tonight. It was amazing. I'm still Lost though. (Bad-dum-dum-TISH!)