Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exams are finally over!!! You don't know how good it is to be able to proclaim that! I could just about shout it from the roof-tops!!

Yes, yes, I KNOW I personally wasn't doing any exams this year, or even studying this year and was more of a wannabe student then an actual student but still. The last two weeks have been highly annoying because nobody wants to go out. Apparently 'passing exams' is more important than going out with me. How did I fall in with such geeks in the first place?!...(Despite this, I DO love you all anyway!!)

Anyway, last night we were able to all (most of us) go out. I spotted a nice pair of heels in my room which were so pretty. I ALWAYS wear pumps going out and never wear heels, ever. I can't understand the logic of going through pain to look good and have a good time, but then not having a good time because you're in pain. I'm useless with wearing high shoes. A baby. EILEEN lives in heels (I think she's insecure about her lack of height) and I just can't do it.

Tonight though, I went for it. And I succeeded! This may sound completely bizarre, but prior to my transplant I would occasionally wear heels and when I did I would find myself getting more breathless, or tired. It makes no sense, but I swear that's true. Hand on heart!!

It was weird being that bit taller then usual but it gave me a great vantage point when that little lady had a fight on the dance floor. I wasn't able to see what was going on at first (because the lady was so small and low down) but then I spotted it. Anyone who knows me knows how I would LOVE to be witness to some drama as exciting as this! The whole situation was a bit strange. You know in a cartoon where the weak guy tries to punch and fight the beafy guy and the beafy guy simply sticks out his hand leaving the weak guy punching his heart out against the hand- well it was exactly like that. Except the 'beafy guy' was a tall stringy fellow with long hair; the 'weak guy' was this small lady with plum red hair. Despite her lack of height, it took two bouncers to carry her off. For some unknown reason my friends just carried on dancing.

When we left, there were two gardaĆ­ cars outside and rumour was ripe that the 'little lady' ( I won't say what we called her, because that might be a little un-p.c.) was being arrested, but I doubt that, I mean she wasn't THAT bad! Mind you, I couldn't actually SEE so it's possible.

Anyway apart from that scandal down the 'Palace' (never go to the Palace!) and my discovery of ability to walk in heels nothing much happened. I can't be incredibly exciting every day. Pity...