Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tonight is the night where all of our (me and Eileen's) hard work, elbow grease, grit and determination, sweat and tears for the past....two weeks or so(!) comes together.

We arranged the table quiz about two weeks ago, pretty spontaniously it must be said. We arrived up in McGowan's of Churchtown and we told we could hold the quiz on said night. We then bluffed a little and told Mr McGowan that we could get 50 tables (because if we had 50 they would give us the venue for free). That night, lying in bed, I thought Of ALL the stupid things I've done, this must be top of the list. I probably don't even know enough people to fill 50 tables!!!

That story is a long one anyway, and while I say 'I'll blog about it tomorrow' knowing my laziness I will probably save it for a few months time, when I have a very mundane day and then tell you all about it. Same goes for the photos.

On other news, I got my car taxed today! Whoop-tee-doo!! I can now drive. Although knowing my laziness (have I ever mentioned that before?) it will be a while before I actually drive it. Besides people keep parking BEHIND ME IN THE DRIVEWAY (hint!) and I KNOW the minute I take that handbrake off, I'll roll into one of the cars and get in trouble. I know there's a way to prevent that happening, but I wasn't really concentrating in those lessons and now I can't remember!! It's a good thing Delilah is nice to look at. Delilah is my car's name. And my new best friend. And probably the only friend I haven't paid for. Oh wait no.