Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Wednesday, which means we survived last night. We have yet to do a count of the money but we reckon we raised a couple of grand at least, which is fantastic. I was just overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up and showed their support, and those who spent so much money on raffle tickets too. Initially Eileen and I had set aside money to buy prizes with, but in the end so many were donated that we nearly had too many prizes! People can be SO generous.

I didn't come in until about 8.30 as I was greeting people at the front and showing them the way in. I presumed once I arrived the quiz would be well under way and we would be at round two or three. What a shock I got when in I walked and there was my Dad, trying to fix the sound, microphone in hand but not working. I began to really freak out then, but then decided that doing that wasn't helping so I went back outside again. Not that going back outside would help either, but at least it meant people wouldn't be coming up and complaining to ME! Eeek!

It ran over time a little bit (or by an hour) but from what I could gather, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which was a good thing. And two Mounties formed part of the winning team which was impressive. Three of those girls (I think) are medical students, which is surprising, because for once the docs do appear to know everything!

I was part of the stragglers who stayed until the end. It was at this point I discovered someone who I shall call "Charlie" reads this blog. I call her Charlie to hide her identity, and also because I don't know how to spell Trish-with-the-red-hair. It's a toughie, that name.

I had time to take one or two (but not enough) photos last night which I will promise to put up. That's a pity, but maybe a thank you party for everyone would be in order...

HUGE THANK you to Jennáy, KM and Sz from CPA, Billy's friends, the football team, UCD people, Helen and her table, Swimmers, UCD staff, Maw&Paw's friends, Za Adams family and friends, MY friends, Ste's friends, the 'Orange Troopers', EVERYONE who couldn't come and yet still donated, G-raze & Charlie(!), Mounties (both my year and the year below) and anyone else I can't think of right now.

And of course to the wonderful and magnificent EILEEN, without whom this would never have happened. What came to light yesterday, was that a few people read this hunk-a-junk (my blog that is) and were wondering if I was making her up!! Well anyway, I've rambled enough for today so I'll do the 'Ode to Eil' blog tomorrow. Forgive me if I left anyone out in thank yous!