Thursday, April 26, 2007

*RedBook-MedBook Blog updated*

I googled my name today because I wanted to check if the domain was available. had no results (yay!). I then googled 'Rosie Fitzgerald' and of the entire world wide web, I am second on the list! How weird is that?! That means wherever you are in the world, if you google my name, you will find a link about me on googles first page of results! If you're in Ireland, I'll be number two. If anyone is interested, the link is to information on me and my father when we apppeared on a show on RTÉ1. Ahem, now enough of the Tyra Banks-ness.

* * * * *

Dad: Now, where are we going to get those L Plates for your car?
Me: Oh maybe that pound shop (now known as 'Euro2' - what a jip)
Dad: Ah yes, perhaps, let's go!
*Skip merrily hand in hand to Euro2*
Dad: Oh look I found them, they'll do perfectly!
Me: Oh nice one, you have such a talent for finding these things!
*Bops up to counter with L-plates*
*Looks down at L plates and notices a chain*
Me: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! These are for those parties that grown up ladies have before they get married! Ugh!

Me: Oh hey Maw! Can we go driving today?
Mom: No. I don't drive with learners. (So much for those ten lessons)
Me: Oh, OK, cry!

Me: Oh hey Paw! Can we go driving today?
Dad: Rosie, I'm wrecked! I'm exhausted!
Me: Oh, OK, sob!

Me: Oh hey G-raze, Billy, can we go driving today?
Them: Oh yeah sure, cool, yeah that's no problem!
Me: Oh fantastic, I'll wait here so.

Never turn up.

Me: Nobody will drive with me! What's the point in having a car if I can't practise, like HELLO!
Dad: I'll gladly drive with you. I'm the only one who actually said yes!
Me: Really?? Oh great, can we go?
Dad: No, now I'm exhausted Rosie, I was running around like a mad thing at that quiz of yours last night and blah blah blah....