Friday, April 27, 2007

I believe myself to be many things in life, and one of them is fickle. I make my mind up about something and then I change it again. It's like a serious problem of mine, no matter what I do, its there, niggling away in the back of my mind.

What has that got to do with the price of eggs I hear you ask? (OK, maybe you're not asking THAT, but let's pretend). Well, I recently said that I was changing my blog url from to and now I haven't. I'm still here as the Fat Frog-ess. You see, I got worried that some people, less computer abled, might lose their way and be desperately upset. So I left it. And now those goodie-goodies, the ones who in class would say with minutes to go "Oh Teeeeacher, you forgto to give us our homework" (UGH!! There was always one!) are asking why I haven't changed as agreed. I have had three people already TODAY ask me that! (Yes, can you believe I now have THREE readers?? Eileen has clearly learned that you can hit 'refresh' more then once!)

Now I am faced with the dilema also of waiting until I get my own domain. Why bother changing and changing again. Oh I don't know. So I have made this poll below for you to vote. Majority rules. Unless I change my mind.

The question:
Should I change my blog address?
Yes (to
No! (leave it as

Also, I am now driving my car! Eileen drove with me yesterday, and seriously that woman should be a teacher. She is SO calm (unlike fish-outta-water panicky me) and just tells me what to do! Amazing! She has a lot of functions that girl. She was my partner who ran the quiz with me, she is my chauffer, and my driving instructor. And one of the best friends I could have. (Maw get the grater, we're making cheese!) Tonight I picked my sister up from school and she was more excited about my wheels then I was. We also had an audience of her friends who just stared as I drove by. Weirdos.

Oh AND I had an A-hole who clearly had something stuck up his A-hole as when I was reversing from MY OWN driveway, he came up on top of me in one of those STUPID jeeps and BEEEPED AT ME!!! Well, I was fit to kill! My mum even came out of the house and would have killed him too. Luckily my brother was there to 'Eff' and blind him and flick him off. Here's something interesting that I shall stick on my car:


Do the poll.