Saturday, April 28, 2007

I had to be in work this morning at 9.15am (Grumble, grunt, shake fist) and at 9.10am, I decided I would drive up. Alone. Usually one or other of my parents would bring me but my Mum was going into town herself and hadn't decided upon her method of travel. My Dad was nowhere to be seen so early in the morning. I ran the idea past my Mum to make sure I was OK to drive up. Alone. We both agreed on a Saturday morning there wouldn't be much/any traffic so it was OK.

So I drove up. Found a space on the side of the road to park and all was well with the world.

At 5pm my Dad rings to say that he would be up to pick me up after work. I informed him that I had driven up and thus could drive home again. He said that he was well aware that I had driven up ALONE but he was coming up to sit in with me as I drove home as he wasn't impressed that I had been so irresponisble to drive alone so soon. Yawn...

Dad: I was rather taken aback that you would do such a thing
Me: Em....did you say that to Mum??
Dad: Yes I DID!
Me: Well what did she say?
Dad: She too was rather taken aback!

Yes, the same woman who reversed HER car out of the driveway so I could get out; the same woman who stood on the road so no pesky beepers could sneak up behind me; the same woman who then stood and waved merrily as I drove away was apparently TAKEN aback that I would drive alone!!!

Funnily enough, I only heard a report today that people born in the winter are more prone to having schizophrenia. I think my 'other' Mum was out this morning. That must be it.

And that same Mum who under NO circumstances would drive with a learner, came with me for a lift today and of COURSE with the ole pair both badgering me about what to do, I panicked and rolled. I don't think there's a hope in hell I'll be seeing her in my car any year soon now.

Please keep voting in the poll in yesterday's blog. Results look set but continue to do so anyway. I'm off to watch the Tele to spot Billy and G-raze who are on tonight! Oooh what fun!