Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 4/183 - Roaacatane "miracle acne drug" treatement. "Just keep swimming!"

I went driving again today in my lil Delilah, and went as far as town today. Yes town, as in inner city, loads of cars, loads of traffic, loads of idiotic pedestrians who have no EYES, fools who insist on standing on the edge of the path and then WALK when my light goes green (?!) and lots of complicated lane changes. For this reason, my father accompanied me.

We went down dark small alleys, parked in small alleys and did all sorts of things that don't sound remotely dodgy at all!

Well all was going swimmingly well when IT happened. The lights went red. There were two lanes of traffic; the one on the right for people going straight, and the lane on the left for cars turning left. I went to the left. I was crawling up slowly to the lights while the lane on the right was stood still. And then what happens? A BIG FAT UGLY BLACK TOO-BIG-FOR-CITY-ROADS JEEEEEP decided that he would just PULL OUT, just like that, not in front of me, but INTO ME! He could have crushed me! His JEEP was so high that he couldn't even SEE me! Well, if he ever actually learned to drive he would have known to look in the mirrors but obviously he hadn't. My dad reached over and pressed the horn. And held the horn. And shook his fist. My foot just stayed on the break and my eyes just stayed popped out of my head. Luckily my quick thinking of applying break and handbreak saved my life!

See, I always HATED jeeps and their drivers, especially in the city, but now I despise them. *Squints eyes*. I know they're nice to sit in and probably nice to drive, but one hears that smoking and getting high is nice too, but we don't all go around doing that now do we? (OK, I know- terrible metaphor/comparison/example but I am raging!).

Anyway, once back from the city I sat out the back in the HEAT and SUN and read my book and ate my food. All done without insulin which would explain my lovely sugar reading of 15 a dinner time. Whoops! Here's to a good week!

And as you can tell from above I decided in the end to go for the harsh acne drugs to clear my skin. 1) Because I'm lazy and taking tablets I'm a pro at. 2) NOTHING else was working and at least these things have a definite success rate. Imagine where we'll all be in 179 days time...