Monday, April 23, 2007

Guestbookers (Bookees?)

Here's a shout out to the people in the back! Or rather a blatent lazy attempt at writing a blog when I have absolutely nothing to blog about. In response to the people who left comments in my guestbook:

Pinkfink: How on earth did you guess I had a transplant?! I'm a bit of a quiet wallflower myself, don't really like to talk about myself much, never mind my transplant!

Amanda: Thank you for the lovely comment. I apologise for calling you a goodie goodie. I mean it's true, and everyone knows it. And everyone talks about it. And every day at clinic people stop talking when you walk by and then start whispering about how you're SUCH a goodie-goodie. But you're, what was my point?

Eileen: Yes I'm here. Now please stop stalking me!!

Now that is all, got to go outside (and sit) in my NEW CAR which hasn't been taxed yet so undrivable as of yet...