Sunday, April 22, 2007

I arrived home to a tropical and sunny Dublin with one silver medal in tow.

I was delighted with my win (women's doubles adults) as was everyone else on our plane when the air hostess announced it over the intercom. And then when we had a small welcoming committee in Dublin airport complete with GIGANTIC flag! Between the five competitors, we brought home 8 medals. Of course its the taking part that counts, but the wins are nice also.

After my third match, all I could think was how this time last year, there was no way I could have bounced around like this. It felt nothing short of fantastic.

I think the British people were a little taken aback by us 'Oirish' as we were a little enthusiastic from time to time.

As with most competitions there were the people who were outstanding, the people who were good and the people like me. Unfortunately some people were a little too competitive and I feel they perhaps lost sight of the object of the tournament and the celebration of why were there.

I myself, however had an AMAZING partner for the mixed doubles, but he in no way made me feel silly or useless, even though he probably could have taken on our competition single handily. That was really, really nice. That's what its all about really!

Dinner was nice, dance was nice, bedroom was nice.

Silver medal is nice. I've never won a medal for sport like events so it will now hang pride of place in my.....where did I put that darn medal??

If sources are to be believed Jennáy in the office is recruiting more lunchtime walkers!! Now they're all at it *gulp*. Although, come to think of it, if I can persuade them all to get fit and get them to leave at lunch I can stay and watch Home&Away!! Ugh, why didn't I think of this earlier...