Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Sick Waiting"

Yesterday a group of us met up outside the Dáil and launched the Cystic Fibrosis Association's "Sick Waiting" campaign, because we are SICK WAITING (Geddit, geddit??!!) for facilities. I know I mentioned it two days ago but there's no law against repeating oneself. Although friends of mine may campaign to bring one in...After the photo, I went inside the Dáil as I was rather thirsty.

Anyway, we took a few photos and one appeared in yesterday's Irish Times. I look rather dramatic in it, or melodramatic (I should look that word up) but it's OK. A little while ago, we decided that I had ridden this 'Wow, I've had a transplant' horse a little too long, and that the media needed new faces. I don't exactly know where that logic went (somewhere out the window me thinks) but I'm still hanging around. Like a bad smell. My retirement is in sight. (Note to any post transplant people, please volunteer!)

As a result of the coverage of the event, the story and campaign was picked up and I went on a Cork Radio Station this morning talking to a lovely and informed gentleman called Dave Young. It went well, and I was glad that not too many people I know (if any) heard me. Except Grace and KM in the office. And another colleague Sz walked right in mid speech and was promptly told to 'Shusssshhhhhhhhhhhhh', so I guess he knew too.

At the Launch of Organ Donation week.

(Martin Cahill, Godfrey Fletcher (both CFAI) and me)

Yes, I know it's not a photo of "Sick Waiting" launch, but I don't know of I ever mentioned this before, I'm RATHER unorganised. Be grateful you got this much!