Wednesday, April 18, 2007


1. OK, I KNOW I said I'd have photos but a combination of laziness (I prefer lack of organisation) and...em....lack of organisation means I haven't got them up yet.

2. The "big day" I was talking about was the removal of my feeding tube (Mikey). I took feeds every single night (with exception of sleep-overs) since I was two years old. The first two-three years involved a nose tube down every night and up every morning. And NO it wasn't as dramatic as last week's fiasco, because my Mum is very skilled at doing them. I was one of the first patients in Ireland (and the first in Crumlin Hospital) to switch from a 'peg' tube to a Mic-key Button tube. That totals 17, nearly 18 years of tube feeding.

3. The links to the pictures of the "Peg" tube and the Mic-key are not ones of me. ESPECIALLY not the Peg Tube one. Goodness knows I don't have quite the hairy stomach. Steroids aren't that bad!

4. Photo of MY mickey: