Friday, April 20, 2007

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Today I am off to a place I now hold dear to my heart. Well to a place which is NEAR to a place I hold dear to my heart.

Badminton calls, and though I am not really that good at holding a racket let alone hit a shuttlecock, I have been allowed to represent my country in the sport.

The event is for people who have had transplants (Did I ever tell you I had a transplant??) and there are 7 of us travelling over. It seems incredible that only 9 months ago I could have only dreamt of doing something like it.

I have also started jogging. Jennáy in the office is making me feel very guilty because she walks every lunchtime. My lunchtime is an opportunity to leave my computer and seat and find another seat beside a TV and eat my lunch. I'm far too lazy to do exercise. At lunch.

That's why I started jogging, every second night. I have surprised myself at how far I can go without tiring, and have set myself mini goals which I hope to achieve. That way, come June, I shall face the Women's Mini Marathon (10k) without guilt of lack of training. I just wish that pesky Jennáy wasn't so diligent. Puts me to shame!

(A reminder that there are two new blog posts below this one. I had to play catch up!).

PS: EILEEN, you owe me a nice good luck message in my guest-book! Make it nice now! I'll be reading...