Monday, April 02, 2007

Nurses on Steee-rike!

How inconvenient is that?? Typically I (thankfully) have had no need to contact my clinic whatsoever in the last few months, but due to a clash of appointments, and one or two which I don't want to attend, I had to call up the clinic today.

All patients with Cystic Fibrosis need to have the PH in their stomach tested (see if it's acidic or something), as per Dr. E's request. It seems like a rather invasive procedure and not one I really welcome with open arms. I actually thought this letter was sent to me by accident as I'm due to have my feeding tube removed that week as well. Anyway, in order to manage all four appointments that week I called them up to sort it out.

Thanks to the informative Spin 103.8 radio show though, I discovered that 'answering phones' is something the nurses aren't doing at the moment. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Also, my dad has pinched, stolen, knicked, thieved, burgled my room and TAKEN my old phone. Granted it is the nokia 3210, which doesn't vibrate, is a bit heavy, and I did buy it in 1999 so thus of little to NO use to me at all, but *still*. Anyway he told me if I could find it I could have it back, but of course I'd never find it. Well hawk-dam, I only walked into his room earlier and saw it there charging by the wall. I don't think he'd make a very good thief despite his constant attempts to!!