Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ooops better retract that 'K' and replace it with an 'S' as in 'S' is for Shingles. Exactly two weeks, one x-ray, one renal ultrasound, three blood tests, two urine samples, four doctors, and one rash (and two misdiagnoses) later... it has finally been confirmed that the mystery pain is from Shingles.

How do I feel? The pain is less than last week, but I still need painkillers at least once a day. And a rash has popped up at the site of the pain. So all in all (unless this gets worse) I feel fine.

The only remaining outstanding part of the puzzle is that two weeks ago, my white blood cell count in my urine was 100. And last Tuesday it had risen to 190. So I'm not sure what that means....

My only concern is that I have a friend who has never had chicken pox before and has a wedding to go to in ten days and I am HOPING I haven't given her chicken pox, because that would make me feel TERRIBLE.