Friday, July 01, 2011

I hate it when i curse myself! On Tuesday I got a dull ache in my lower right back / hip. Convinced it was some sort of arthritic pain I figured it would be ok. Yesterday I needed pain relief and today I gave in and went to the doctor, so he could confirm I have some sort of osteo-arthritis (inevitable for me, considering the cocktail of drugs I pop on a daily basis).

However, the doctor swung my legs around and about and determined it wasn't my bones. It was my kidney. Amazingly I've never had a kidney infection (except that one time when my kidneys stopped working and briefly went into failure mode, but I was in bed when that happened and the morphine made sure I wasn't really 'with it' when that happened), but this is really, really painful!

Anyway I got drugs and I'll probably pop up and see my team on Tuesday. And I just ticked off the letter 'K' on my alphabet list of conditions and such I have managed to acquire. I already have osteopenia for the 'O' anyway.