Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer's a coming

My exams are over. I am beginning to believe that summer is almost here. My passport arrived, I have travel insurance, I have picked flight dates, I am getting excited. It still doesn't feel real yet, as there are one or two more hurdles to be leaped over and I'm a bit nervous that it is mid May already.

I am (hopefully!) becoming a certified lifeguard in a couple of weeks. Yeah, random.

I joined a gym a few weeks ago, and the day of my induction I went to hospital and spent a few days on IVs and fainted a couple of times. Joining the gym is a traumatic experience.

So I eventually went back the other day. It's a circuit system and I highly recommend it. There's no tricking around on treadmills and bikes, it's weights and stretching and jogging. So far, I have been twice, the day before yesterday and today (my aim is every other day). But I really do enjoy it. However, it would appear my heart rate is a bit higher than they would like. You stop every eight minutes and check it and they have a chart which shows where you should be. They assured me it was probably the medications I am on. I think in reality it's because I am not fit AT ALL. I actually got embarrassed about how high it was (it was pushing 200 at one point), but once you go red on the chart, you take a break. I was actually red on the chart after my stretching, which confirms I am very unfit or that the gym thing for me truly is traumatic! So all in all, I look forward to having my six pack by next Saturday. I'm realistic like that you see, which probably explains my previous success with gyms.

In other 'news', I am browsing post graduate courses at the moment, both Masters degrees and PhDs. Mostly because I don't want to have to go get a job when I finish college and without the rich husband, I can't live my life with maids and butlers, playing tennis in the mornings and golf at the weekends *just* yet.

I found a couple I really like the look of, the selection for one seems very competitive, the other more attainable. Our class in college is *extremely* competitive. To the point where some students when they hear certain useful information will hide it from others. I enjoy the competitiveness because it motivates me to do better, but yet I'm not bitter when I don't do amazing either. I also don't agree with the hiding of information, because that's just a bit daft, but thankfully that is just one or two people.

In final news, and I say this because I have just checked I have stocked up for when this backfires, but I have been able to go over three weeks without any stomach/intestinal medications. And I haven't modified my diet. It makes me wonder is this whole fiasco is stress related. But as I say, having just announced that, I have my supplies ready to go for when I am riddled over in pain on Monday having cursed my luck!

I have just reread that last paragraph and feel maybe I'm being a bit... eh personal! But it's just so anyone reading who might be going through similar things, to be aware that stress can clearly have a huge impact on the processes in your body! So therefore, keep an open mind when assessing the need for medication. Not that I am advocating NOT following medical advice or anything....