Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I should be studying, volume 423535

It's 11.47 PM and I should be studying for tomorrow's exam. But I started getting distracted and thinking. In our class we had this competition. It was an international competition, but everyone in our class had to enter it. Our group came joint first with another group, but the other group were picked as winners and got to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for five days to go to some conference. It was very cool, actually. Our group were disappointed obviously, but not really THAT much, like we weren't that bothered by it, but would have been delighted had we won nonetheless.

But the group that did win had a lot of problems. Firstly, they had become so strained that they weren't on speaking terms by the time they left to go to America. And they had to spend the trip in the same hotel room. One said that while she was happy she went, it was the week before exams, so she wasn't too keen on being away not being able to study. Which was a fair point.

And *then* the volcano went and erupted and caused chaos. Instead of returning to Dublin on the Sunday, they were stranded - in Boston - until they eventually managed to escape on the Friday (I think?).

So I was thinking, how dreadful would it be, the cost, the fact that the group were having problems, the lack of study. And then it occurred to me, if it was ME, I would have run out of drugs. I usually bring about three days' extra with me anyway, but it would not have been enough.

So then, because I'm "studying", I googled the cost of *one* of my drugs. On this website, where it offers great deals, it would charge €1580 for a month. Now despite the fact that with that deal, I get 12 Viagra tablets, I couldn't imagine the stress of trying to sort that out in America.

It's really true, things happen for a reason!!! ....now back to studying...