Thursday, February 05, 2009


OK, so putting aside the blatent ethical issues of putting this video online (I mean come on, a minor, in *this* video, laughing at his expense etc, etc), I had to copy it here. Now there's a good chance you've already seen it (3 million other people have) but the reason I show it is because it mirrors *exactly* how I feel after every procedure I've ever had - be it bronchoscopy or port surgery. Now thankfully in my case I've always - for the most part- been able to keep my thoughts inside my head, and thankfully there's never been a camera around when I've been in these states.

I mean there was that one time where I started reciting my Spanish oral exam to a poor nurse who happened to be Spanish (or was it she visited Spain once, during a stop over flight...?) - gah. Doesn't bare thinking about. Enjoy. Or not. But, learn!